personal data protection

The access to the website or to some other websites and services provided by the SATPO company (hereinafter referred to as the “Operator” only) via this website can be fully or partially subject to providing certain personal data of the User in the sense of Act No. 101/2000 Coll. – Personal Data Protection Act. The Operator does not collect any sensitive personal data giving information about property and financial circumstances, nationality, race or ethnicity, political attitudes, membership in political parties etc.

The operator undertakes to treat these data in compliance with valid legislature and use them solely within the scope necessary for fulfilling the purpose for which these data are acquired, and always in a way in which any detriment to the subject of these data is prevented. Furthermore, the Operator uses these data for its internal use, especially for establishing business cooperation, making analyses, providing other services and monitoring the quality of services and the satisfaction of customers. Based on a client´s wish and even without stating any reason, The Operator also undertakes to delete his/her personal data from the database.

The User agrees with the Operator´s procedure stated above.

Personal data are secured by the Operator according to modern IT software standards, which guarantee a maximum possible protection of processing the data from unauthorized access or transfer, from their loss or destruction and also from potential abuse.

Should the transfer of proprietary rights or the rental of the to another individual or legal entity occur, all the data acquired shall go into use of the new owner or tenant under the same conditions and the new owner shall be liable to observe this Declaration of Personal Data Protection.

These Terms are issued by the company SATPO as the Operator that is entitled to make any changes. The Terms of using the website enter into force on the day of publication. The Terms were published on 1st April 2012.