Benefit: 5 - 8% discount on the purchase of furniture

Highly qualified team of architects and technicians of the company RANNÝ ARCHITECTS s.r.o. uses the latest knowledge of ergonomics, ecology and production technology in its work with an emphasis on achieving the highest quality and excellent design. The many years of experience of our company's employees eventually led to the creation of our own type line of furniture, which is a great success on the Czech market.

The company RANNÝ ARCHITECTS operates on the domestic market as the exclusive representative of major foreign companies in the field of office, residential and hotel equipment. According to the client's requirements, we supply complete equipment for an apartment or office, including carpets, lighting fixtures, kitchens, works of art, orientation systems, etc. In addition, experience with large orders, we have prices reaching up to CZK 50 million incl. work abroad.

Another expansion of the company is to ensure the implementation of construction works in the form of project management, ie from the processing of economic technical studies, through the complete preparation of project documentation to its own delivery and implementation.

We work with a wide range of specialists from a number of architects and designers. We demand the maximum ability to constantly draw on modern knowledge of our and foreign architecture and it is appropriate to include them in our projects.

Company: ID: 25676601, office: Národní 416/37, 110 00 Prague 1 - Staré Město

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Jan Novák
+420 604 73 03 38 | mojmir@ranny.cz
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Národní 37, Prague 1
+420 220 514 327 | info@ranny.cz

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