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As a manufacturer, Kartell is proud of the high quality of its products as well as original design and cooperation with the world's leading designers. Kartell brought Konsepti to the Czech market with great success in 2006, when the first stone shop was opened in the center of Prague. The widest range of Kartell products in the Czech Republic, including hot news, is on display in the flag store in Revoluční Street.

The world of the Cartel is not minimalist. It is full of emotions, it is glamorous, colorful, transparent and glittering. Today, Kartell produces handbags, shoes, fragrances and dishes and creates an engaging lifestyle around it. He has always collaborated with the most prestigious international designers and created real contemporary design icons. Thanks to developments in the use of plastics and experimentation with new technologies, Kartell is constantly improving the functionality and aesthetic value of its products. This gives them completely new properties, such as a satin finish, transparency, flexibility, weather resistance or surprising colors. The materials Kartell works with are not only practical and functional, but also sensual and precious, and thus radically transform the perception of plastic furniture from a mere functional object into a truly luxurious product.

The cartel's know-how lies in constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation, which allows designers to express their creativity through new technologies and materials and thus create a real "industrial revolution" in households.

Company: ID: 63668203, office: KONSEPTI s.r.o., Komunardů 894/32, 170 00 Prague 7 - Holešovice 

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Aneta Nosková
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showroom: Revoluční 14, Prague 1
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